The “Biennale di Soncino, a Marco” takes origin in 2001 by the will of two Marco’s artist friends, in their early twenties.

They organized a collective exhibition of painters, sculptors and art students, to fill the human void that the death of Marco had left. That event, aroused as a unique and spontaneous moment of exhibition, but has turned into a recurring edition. Each event is enriched with new ideas, new places and new faces, reinforcing and expanding itself at the same time, an increasingly highly awaited and appreciated street circuit.


The cultural association Quartiere 3 will look after the event for the fifth consecutive edition. Year after year the number of participants and visitors increased consistently.

About 2,000 people from all over Italy and abroad gathered here for the opening day of the last edition of the Biennale and, at its end, about 10,000 visitors appreciated, in the enchanting village of Soncino, both the proposals of contemporary art and the beautiful location of the exhibition.


From the first event till now more than 300 artists have been involved.


Also this year the event will be held in the Rocca Sforzesca (Sforza Castle), in the former Filanda (Spinning Mill) Meroni and in the Museo della Stampa (Printing Museum).

The exhibition opens on Saturday, August 26, 2017 and will end on Sunday, September 24, 2017.



past editions video documentation





18 years old or older artists of all nationalities may apply individually or in groups . Each artist or group is allowed to submit only one project, provided that it has never been exhibited before. 




Participants can submit: visual arts, such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography, engraving, video projection, street art, etc.. without restrictions of techniques and sizes.

Submitted projects will have to express a concept through one or more artworks.

A mandatory requirement for the attending projects, free from stylistic canons, techniques and themes, is the magnification of the sites that, by their nature, interact with art.

We will take into special consideration those artists attending the contest with a project for a specific site in the Rocca Sforzesca (installations, video installation or sculptures). The artworks (sculpture and installation) should preferably be made of materials suitable for open air expositions, non-perishable and not harmful to people. There are no other restrictions on materials and sizes.



The competition is free and open to all artists.

Participants should fill in THE APPLICATION FORM in order to attend the selection.


Once you entered your application form, you will not be able to make any changes to your presentation, or upload new material or replace the already uploaded one, so please be careful during your process of application.




- Plan of the site of the artwork position

- Different angles photos

- Pictures of the fully fitted sites  taken during the past editions 


The documentation is here available:


- ROCCA SFORZESCA (Sforza Castle)

   -ground floor

   -1st floor

   -underground floor -1

   -underground floor -2


-expo rooms of the former spinning mill Meroni


-MUSEO DELLA STAMPA (The Engraving Museum)


-(walls) for steet artists


For site inspections feel free to check opening hours on the website: for the Rocca Sforzesca and and the Ex Filanda Meroni and on the website: for the Museo della Stampa.



All projects must be submitted not later than May 10, 2017 at 23:03 (Time zone +1).

Projects submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

The list of selected projects will be published on our website and notified via e-mail by May 29, 2017.



Those who do not deliver the complete documents and papers required within the deadline, will not be eligible to enter the selection. The members of the jury cannot attend the selection.



All artworks will be subject to the final decision of a jury that will be responsible for deciding what will be the works to be exhibited.

The jury will be composed of academics and technical part of the cultural association Quartiere 3.



The selected artists will then be contacted for the installation days scheduled from Saturday, August 19 to Thursday, August 24, 2017. Take down day will be on Sunday 24th (at the end of the show) and Monday, September 25 2017.

Artists will have to pay for shipping, packaging and return of the work.

The decision for the location of the art works is taken by the jury.

The artists will have to organize the installation and take down of the works. If this will not be possible, the artists will have to provide detailed instructions for setting up.

Charges for shipping, packaging and return of the work must be paid by the artists. All works must be collected by the artists or their representatives within 10 days after the end of the exhibition. After this deadline we do not guarantee the safe-keeping of the unclaimed artworks.



The Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3 is committed to disclose the event in the press, the media network and the production of posters and invitations.

The event will be documented by a catalogue in which all the selected works will be published.



All rights and intellectual property of the project is that of the designer.

The participant guarantees the organizer the right to publish and promote, in all or part, the project, without further notice and without authorization.

No compensation is due to the artist/designer.

The artists will be responsible for their submissions.

The organization, while ensuring the utmost diligence in safeguarding the work, does not assume any responsibility for the risk of fire, theft or any other possible damage both during the show and during transport.

Each artist is responsible in case of any injuries to himself or others during the preparation of their own work and for the duration of the exhibition.

Those who do not supply and hand over the works by the due dates will be charged a penalty of € 100,00 for an unreliable behaviour which would undermine the seriousness of the event.

Participants’ data will be used for the purposes of the event and will be included in the Mailing List of Quartiere 3 and will be updated on the events organized by the association.

The applicant expressly authorizes 'Quartiere 3' to treat the participant's personal data according to the current Italian directives pursuant to Art. 10 of the 675/96 (Privacy Act) and Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (Privacy Code).

By registering, general terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted.


Download the application form HERE



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