XIII Biennale di Grafica e Arti







A seguito del bando online l'Associazione Culturale Quartiere3 ha selezionato per l'esposizione i seguenti artisti:




Bertolamei Silvia

Canchari Mariela

Canè Flavia

Canu Roberto

Carbonelli Virginia

Casagrande Emanuela

Chomicz Malgorzata

Consiglio Alesssia

De Marinis Fausto

Di Fazio Angela Laura

Dolfi Alessandro

Fraietta Marcello

Gallo Angelo

Gentilcore Giulia

Gomirato Elisabetta

Lasalandra Francesco

Marianetti Gianna

Matarazzo Andrea

Nardella Matteo

Rizzato Irene

Timpani Giovanni

Venturelli Veronica


Vettore Cristiano

Vezzosi Michela

Zennaro Stefania






Bianchi Federico

Capelletti Giovanni

Gorni Elettra

Mainardi Anna Maria


All'inaugurazione della mostra è stata presentata l'opera selezionata dalla giuria per il premio speciale della XIII edizione: "Ricordo primo e ultimo" dell'artista Giulia Gentilcore, donata dall'Associazione Quartiere 3 al Comune di Castelleone.



The City of Castelleone has  appointed the Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3 to organize the XIII BIENNALE DI GRAFICA E ARTI CITTA’ DI CASTELLEONE.


ACQ3 (Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3) is a nonprofit artistic association which, since 2009, organizes the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the province of Cremona and outside and, for the fourth time, is in charge of the organization of the 13th Biennal of Graphics and Arts in Castelleone (CR).









A sign is an intelligible abstraction referable to a concept.


An impression is a sign made by a body imprinted on another one and it is characterized by its distinctiveness (uniqueness). Each impression includes a touch. To touch is to contaminate, to alter a condition. A touch emanates heat and spreads vibrations, feelings and substance.

There may be a feedback (preservation),  a motionless adjustment or dynamic and creative systems of transformation by receiving an impression.


Conservation is stagnation, paralysis, it represents dependence towards the certainties of the present times and/or of the past times to free ourselves from the insecurities of the evolving unknown.

However, nothing can stand still. Everything goes by and changes, even certainties.


Contamination comes from outside and brings within the interaction,  the comparison and the transformation of the status quo, by determining the need of a reconsideration of our own condition.

Inevitably  a   THESIS  needs  an  ANTITHESIS in order to evolve.  Equal needs  Different to  advance.  An

 immovable reaction is fruitless and it is bound to fail.


Those who communicate thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams, stories have to understand contaminations in order to convert them into effective strategies leading to contemporary expressions.

The artist changes the monolithic truth into curiosity towards the unknown, therefore the fears fade beyond the horizon. The man who creates turns  an imprint into an expression."


The state of being contemporary (modernity) represents, therefore a summary, a fusion, a syncretism.

The state of being contemporary is now, but it evolves to the future.

The identity boundaries are evanescent: tomorrow we will be the SYNTHESIS between what we were yesterday and what contaminates us today. To find a conscious balance between conservation and contamination leads to the construction of contemporary cultural identity.



The purpose of this exposition is to compare and encourage various creative expressions, from the graphic engraving production, with all its different meanings, with the sculptures among the most relevant in the contemporary art scene.




The Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3, appointed by the City of Castelleone, for the  organization of this art contest, will cooperate with a panel of qualified persons to elect the 1st winner of the Graphics section.

The exhibition will take place  from 10th September 2016 to 9th October 2016.

The selected works will be displayed at Sala “Aldo Moro” at Palazzo Brunenghi in Castelleone (CR) Via Roma, 65 .

A catalogue will be published on which the selected works will be displayed.




The art contest is free and it is open to all participants. Artists 18 years old or older may apply.



Submitted works

Graphics  Category:  each artist has to submit n° 1 work to be displayed in an area of width 100 cm x height  200 cm.  

Single works or compositions are permitted (please refer to the dimensions above specified).

All  engraving procedures are accepted (etching, aquatint,  mezzotint, soft-ground etching or Vernis Mou, xylography ...) and those obtained through reprocessing pictorial or digital manuals.

The selected works shall be framed. The use of simple, opaque black frame is mandatory, with its hook-shaped anchors.  Frames must have no projections (such us glass)

Sculpture or installation Category: n° 1 work of art per artist, made of any kind of  material (iron, stone, wood, ceramic…). Most of the works will be exposed in the open air.


How to apply

Competition is free and open to all artists. Click on this link to enter. APPLICATION FORM

Upload your digital image files which must meet the following specifications: jpeg, tif,  zipped files or RAR files only.  High resolution  of 300 DPI, maximum size: 3 MB

The pictures of the selected works will be published in a catalogue.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please note that once you entered your application form, all particulars mentioned in the online application will be considered as final. No further modification will be allowed:  you cannot modify your presentation, or upload new files, or change any information... Please fill out the application form with the utmost care, as no change of details will be entertained. Your application is successful only if the following message will appear: “YOUR REGISTRATION HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL”.

If there is a problem with your registration data, you will not read the confirmation message. Please check the size of your files and make sure all required fields are filled out (*).



All applications must be submitted online no later than Saturday, June 11, 2016.

All applications, received no later than the due date, will be selected by a panel of qualified persons.

We will send an e-mail to all participants with the names of the selected artists within Monday, July 4, 2016.

The works must be delivered no later than Saturday, August 27, 2016.



1st Prize, Graphic section, the winning artist will be given a cash prize of € 500,00

1ST Prize, Sculpture / Installation section: the winning artist will be given the opportunity to participate in an exhibition organized by the Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3.

The judgment expressed by the Jury is final and irrevocable.



Collection of work from the exhibition
The selected submitted works must be collected at the end of the event by a courier.

Further information regarding the address will be provided in due course



Acceptance of rules and regulations.

Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of this Regulation.
The organization ensures the utmost care in safeguarding the artworks, but it does not assume any responsibility for the risk of fire, theft and for any possible damage both during exposition and during transport. Entrants are strongly recommended to arrange their own insurance for works entered.




The awards ceremony will be held during the opening ceremony in the presence of the City Authorities and of the Artistic Committee.

The winners will be personally contacted by the the Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3.



For further information please contact:

Associazione Culturale Quartiere 3

e-mail: info@quartiere3.org


How to enter:

Click on this link to  enter. SUBMIT HERE




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